We are focused and committed to technology in our farming operations.

We make the decision to adopt each technology based on its ease-of-use and functionality or usefulness. Functionality increases as a technology provides more information that we can apply across a wide-range of production practices. These technologies add a lot of value to our farm.

  • Drought/Herbicide-Resistant Seed Traits: During the growing season, we have periods of sporadic rainfall. The newest seed technologies allow crops to withstand longer lengths of time between rainfall events without yield loss. Weed management is important, and herbicide-tolerant plants allow us to apply herbicides that kill the weeds and not the plants.
  • Telematics: We connect each piece of our equipment to a network, which allows for off-site monitoring and remote troubleshooting. We can monitor machinery to make sure it is operating in the most efficient manner and conserving resources. We gather a lot of data including fuel efficiency, speed, idle times, harvest/plant data and more.
  • Precision: Precise GPS technology allows for accurate placement of seed and fertilizers, and shutoff systems and precise nutrient applications minimize seed usage and runoff. We can make better decisions with the precise planting and yield data we have.
  • Automation: More and more processes take place at one time in the equipment cab. Automation reduces operator fatigue and workload. Displays that work together and provide useful information help the operator to fine-tune and to be more accurate.
  • Exhaust Gas Recirculation: Our equipment adheres to government regulations for decreased emissions, which helps the environment. Modern engines have increased fuel economy, reduced maintenance and more efficient power use. These improvements all come with an increased cost.